My music


Improvised Composition Project for Ensemble Resilience

new work for guitar duo



The underwater life of a bass clarinet for prepared bass clarinet and MPE controller

new work for orchestra



Homo Sapiens, all-too-Sapiens for flute, trumpet and viola

“Se ‘l mie rozzo martello i duri sassi forma. . .” for clarinet, violin, MPE controller and electronic percussions



The large, the little and Pablo in the middle for Pierrot ensemble

Time Loom for violin and fixed media



The Mind is the Cave for acting horn player

Neutrinos Visiting for clarinet and orchestra



La porte de l’enfer for 6 voices and ensemble

À travers le verre du temps for clarinet, violin, cello and piano



Spazi della memoria di un vecchio for accordion and string quartet

Ink on canvas for koto, alto flute, clarinet, violin and cello



Narcissus for piano and chamber orchestra (2014)

儀式 ritual ballet music for mixed quintet (2013)

Electric interference for bass clarinet (2013)

Radio interference for cello (2012)

Dépression atmosphérique for harp (2011)