A piece for piano and chamber orchestra, written in 2014 and recorded at the Royal Academy of Music (Maksim Stsura, piano and Gerardo Gozzi, conductor).

Narcissus, a hunter son of a nymph and a river god, was renowned for his beauty and arrogant attitude towards those who loved him. Nemesis, the spirit of divine retribution, decided to punish him by luring him to a magic pool where he fell in love with a reflection of himself. There he meets the nymph Echo, and when he asks her to introduce herself all she is able to do is repeat the words he spoke due to the fact that she was placed under a terrible curse by the goddess Hera. Narcissus, irritated by Echo’s behaviour, rejects the nymph who escapes into the mountains echoing voices for eternity. Once alone, the youth continues his conversation with his image and once he tries to kiss his reflection, the enchanted water swallows and kills him, leaving in his place a meadow of narcissus flowers.


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