The underwater life of a bass clarinet

A piece for prepared bass clarinet and electronics controlled with MIDI Polyphonic Expression. The piece was written between 2019 and 2020, a version B is currently under work. Version A was recorded by Duo Ebano for CD release (TRPTK) and publicly premiered in March 2020 at Het Concertgemaal in Amsterdam.

The underwater life of a bass clarinet is a humorous yet critical piece that explores a utopian submerged lifestyle. In our time we are faced with the dramatic melting of the polar caps and mountain glaciers; dealing with a constantly raising sea level might not be an avoidable option in the decades to come. The piece starts with a playful exploration of the water surface: the exhaling sounds produced by the bass clarinet are distorted by the bubbling of the water. The deeper the instrument “dives,” the more intense and agitated the surrounding water becomes. The bubbling mumbles of the bass clarinet get lost into the vastness of the water, until the two seem to merge and disappear.

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